Thursday, August 16, 2007

Modern Kitchen Deco

Do you have a dream kitchen? Well, I used to have one until I grew up and saw many other options available from kitchen showrooms. That changed my idea of a dream kitchen as I swayed wildly from idea to idea. However, one of my favourite kitchen designs still remain – the island preparation block surrounded by kitchen stools. I’ve always loved the idea of a wooden island sitting on a floor covered with rich rust-coloured terracotta tiles. It should be a wide kitchen with ample space for a shiny sink, prep area and a nice wooden chopping block yet small enough so that it doesn’t take up the entire kitchen space.

The stools also have to be a nice wood colour to match the island and high enough for someone sitting on it to rest their elbows on the island top or eat a sandwich off the counter. Alas, I guess dreams will have to remain dreams! To have a kitchen island of that sort would mean having a big kitchen to accommodate it and an even bigger house to fit the kitchen! So while it’s nice dreaming, perhaps it’s time I look for smaller kitchen deco ideas to fit my present apartment!


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