Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Online Teacher

I met a friend recently who was partially bragging about how well her child was doing in school. I was quite surprised as this was the same friend who had been complaining about her child’s poor results just 3 months ago. Curious, I asked her what caused the turnabout change and her answer was Online Tutoring via TutorVista. According to her, it is the world’s leading online Tutoring programme with great affordable packages from as low as $99.99 a month for as much usage as the student requires.

Her child was struggling a lot with Math and Algebra but within a month of using the TutorVista, her understanding and results in these subjects improved tremendously, to her mother’s delight. Her mother likes the fact that the Tutoring is available 24 hours, 7 days a week so her child has the flexibility of accessing it for Homework Help anytime of the day or week without having to tire herself out by going for fixed time tuition classes.

She and her child both love their online Tutor and would greatly recommend it to anyone having difficulties with their lessons!

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