Monday, August 27, 2007

Earn Marks & Spencers Goodies

When I recently had to go to UK on a working trip, I was really glad I managed to squeeze in some time to visit two of my old friends who had chosen to settle down and work there. One of them was really kind to accompany me to Marks & Spencers to pick up some UK treats for my siblings while waiting for the other to arrive. Alas, when we reached the checkout counter, I found that I had finished all my pound notes on my train ticket to the city. He was nice enough to swipe his Marks & Spencers &More credit card for me to help me pay first.

I was surprised to see that Marks had their own credit card now and according to him, this was the best credit card around as &More points you earn on the card gives you shopping rebates at Marks. They have also teamed up with lots of tour operators to give up to 10% savings on holiday packages which work out really well for him as he’s a huge travel fan. With this card, he managed to buy furniture from Marks to furnish his new flat at 0% interest.

I was really impressed with the fantastic offers attached with the credit card. Too bad I’m not working in the UK otherwise I’ll definitely own one too!

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