Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Thoof Me!

Are you tired of flipping through pages of news to find something that interests you? Do you sometimes wish that you had news that was specially catered just for your needs and interests? Well, then you’ll love the latest in personalized news, Thoof! It’s a cutely named little site that brings together news from all over specially chosen to suit your reading interests. You choose the categories you want to receive news on when you sign up but don’t worry, you wouldn’t be assigned those for life! You are still allowed to change them anytime you want. What I liked about Thoof was how they put everything on an endless one page which makes reading it so much easier instead of having to scroll between pages.

I used to wonder why they called it Thoof. I wonder which creative person came up with that cute little name that sounds just like the sound you make when you sit on a poofy cushion and it releases air in a “Thoof” sound! Heh…perhaps this was how it came about! The creators must have been sitting around on poofy chairs trying to think of a name when one of them sat on one with a cute little “Thoof” sound and voila, Thoof was born! So, do you Thoof? If you don’t, it’s time you started!

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