Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hairy Experts

There’s a hair restoration specialist a few doors down from my office. Everyday when I pass it, I always look at their advertisements and promises and wonder whether it actually works as I’ve never really seen anyone walking in before. I guess growing bald is a real concern both men and women have as they age. However, like any other plastic surgery, I always think that people looking for remedies should do sufficient research before embarking into it. A friend who was concerned about his thinning hair asked me for any good sites to research on before considering treatment. I directed him to a great Hair Restoration site I once found while surfing.

It’s a site dedicated to provide people on the latest information, resources and options for hair restoration. This hugely informative site walks people through the fundamentals of hair transplant in an easy to understand manner which suits lay people who are not so well-versed with medical terms. It even provides hair transplant photos and videos which viewers can watch to ally their fears before actually signing up for a hair transplant procedure. Best of all, it’s interactive and allows people to ask questions they might have or simply to share a success or horror story. Viewers can be assured that their questions will be accurately answered as the people behind this site are members of The International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons. So if you have a thinning pate and are considering hair restoration procedures, do get advice from the experts before you do.

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