Monday, August 13, 2007

Work in Edinburgh

I used to work with a Project Engineer in my previous company. When I left the company after that, I was surprised to receive a call from him informing everyone that he was leaving for Edinburgh. I asked him what he intended to do there and learnt that he had been looking for jobs in Edinburgh for some time already. He had several friends in Edinburgh who had encouraged him to go there for work as there were many openings for Edinburgh jobs. Apparently, it was really easy to get full time or part-time jobs which paid rather well.

That piqued my interest as I have been thinking of getting some overseas experience for a while already. He recommended that I try looking in some good and reliable online sites such as Edinburgh Gumtree which has lots of information on all kinds of jobs across all professions and nature. Perhaps this could be the wave of change I’ve been waiting for!

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