Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Boat for a Good Cause

Have you always wanted to help with an established charitable organization which reaches out to people from all over the world by doing more than just simply donating your old office furniture? Well, now you can with Boat Angel. Boat Angel is a non-profit boat and car donation charity organization. They receive Boat Donations from people everywhere who may be trying to get rid of their old boats when they upgrade to bigger and better ones or those who have simply stopped sailing their boats for good.

Boat Angel then sells these boats so the funds can be used to service the many charity projects they undertake. One of their popular charity projects is their hospital ship program in connection with Mercy Ships. This reaches out to people in need of medical aid who are living in places inaccessible by land or air. They also distribute free educational dvds nationwide to all preschoolers free of charge to upgrade the educational opportunities for preschoolers everywhere. All their funds are raised 100% from the sale of donated cars or boats so any gift of a donated item will definitely help to fund their many projects and help to make an impact on the lives of millions all over the world. If I had an old boat I was no longer using, I’ll definitely Donate my Boat to Boat Angel!

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