Friday, August 03, 2007

Health Care Schools Site

My cousin is going to sit for her high school exams soon and has been asked by her parents to start thinking of what careers she might want to consider after her schooling years are over. I was rather surprised when she told me that she would like to consider nursing as a career. In fact, she was so interested in nursing that she had done some preliminary research on some nursing schools which she forwarded to me to take a look.

The site she forwarded to me was a really great site for people looking for options on nursing or other health care schools. It provided a great comprehensive list of all available schools in the different states of America. It even listed online universities which students can consider. I liked how they had a drop down list of states to choose from which made it really easy to search for schools. They also gave a small write up on the types of other health care degrees potential students could consider for each University. It is a really good site and I’ll definitely recommend it to anyone wishing to research further on potential health care schools. I hope she achieves her dream to be a nurse as it really suits her character.

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