Thursday, August 02, 2007

I need a watch

I’ve recently been traveling a lot for work. While it might sound glamorous, I’m beginning to realize that it isn’t. Especially since I don’t even have any time to check out the local shopping scene as we’re too busy working and running in between meetings during our crazy overnight stopover trips. So most times, whatever window and real shopping I can do is limited to the duty free shops in the airport if I have enough time after the lengthy check in procedures.

On my last trip to Heathrow, the check in was horrendously long and I didn’t even get any time to look at the duty free shops. This got me quite upset as a nice display case with lots of nice Seiko Watches on sale with great prices caught my eye. Unfortunately, before I could even stop to take a look, my flight was already calling for boarding. There goes my chance to replace my old watch!

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