Friday, May 04, 2007

Being Adult

This has nothing to do with Phuket but my present blip on the big landscape of life got me thinking a little about being all grown up and adult. When we want to pout and put on a silly face, people say, "Start being an adult!" When we have to smile at someone we dislike when we really want to ignore them, we're "being adult". When we have our own cash and shopping sprees, we're "being adult". Can't win 'em all, can we? In true Libran fashion, let me share my yays and nays of "being adult".

Yays of Being Adult :)
  1. Tiramisu for breakfast, keropok lekor for lunch and cornflakes for dinner and no one can say nothing!
  2. Shopping sprees with my own money!
  3. No more studying (unless you really want to)
  4. Unlimitle$$ fund$...till the bank account runs dry
  5. Not having to deal with crabby PMS-y teachers and bad grades
  6. Driving a nice car!
  7. Going for fun holidays
  8. Blogging :)
  9. People believing your bullsh*t
  10. Make-up, pretty clothes and shoes *preen*

Nays of Being Adult :(

  1. Having to "be nice" even to people you'd rather not meet
  2. Dealing with a breaking heart
  3. Having so many decisions and paths laid out in front of you and having to decide when you don't really know what to do
  4. Not being allowed to have a crying fit when sometimes that's what you really need
  5. Learning how to make "wise investments"
  6. Working like a slave for those fund$ and $hopping money
  7. Financial commitments, mortgages, bills...need I say more?
  8. Hypocrites and small-hearted imps. "I don't want to friend you anymore" used to be so much more effective.
  9. Learning how to trust and having it broken
  10. Finding real friends
  11. Pretending that you do know all that bullsh*t
  12. Learning that the world and its people weren't what you thought it was
  13. Having to be happy outside when you're sad on the inside and vice versa

To quote the Toys 'R Us Kid - I don't want to grow up!

I missed out one more yay though. Being able to go out for drinks on a Friday night! :) Happy weekend, dearies!


Ms Fair Face said...

u know sometimes i wish i never have to grow up and start working! I missed those days when I was a student skipping classes, having flexible timing of my own and worrying less about my bills!

Orbiter said...

Don't worry, you get to be a kid again when you're old and grey and all your children have fully grown up and reached adulthood. This is the inevitable stage we call "second childhood" that every human being needs to go through.

Then you will once again wish you were an adult! Or not?! :)

Yay also to adult movies and stuff you didn't get to see as a kid! ;)

L B said...

Protest! There are so many adults masquerading as juveniles in Blogland!! LOL, *points to self*

...And, don't know about you, but we used to have this, "You touch me first!", when we wanna act-short last time!!! ..

may said...

yay to the yays, nay to the nays! errr... I still have crying fit when I want to, but in private lah...

Pink Elle said...

Eeps, my replies all disappeared! *shakes fist at Blogger*

I agree, Ms Fair Face but what I miss most at this point of time is not having to make really hard decisions and live by them.

I bet you watched them as a kid anyway, Orbiter! ;)

What's that "touch me first" LB? Sounds interesting!

Adult..gotta look tough on the outside then run to have a crying fit in private. Sometimes, May, I think a good ol'fashioned tantrum like a kid would help sort some kinks out! :)

Tine said...

Hehehe yeah, the "I don't want to friend you" bit reminds me of how simple life was when we were little. Or the "I pretend not to friend you, but I actually friend you" bit. I reckon we do that now too, but with a lot more to lose than just a friend.

Oh, and I still do have crying fits, but like May, in private :)

Pink Elle said...

Welcome Tine! Life's always simpler as a kid! :)