Friday, May 11, 2007

Shu, I love you!

This is NOT a sponsored post *hears sighs of relief* but it's a girlie one cos I can't help waxing lyrical about the wonderful Shu Uemera eyelash curler!

I used to be really lazy about making up in the mornings and would sometimes come into work looking like a little ghost. Sans makeup, everyone looks a little washed out and on pale, tanless me, the ghost effect was a bit too much! I guess my extra few minutes of sleep was more valuable to me than slapping on colours on my face!

However, when I cleared out my room last weekend, I found tonnes and tonnes of makeup and I only have one face to use it on! Consumed by overwhelming guilt, I resolved to start making up everyday. Plus I got influenced by an article I read about how the Head of Chanel Malaysia was never seen out without immaculate makeup on! So, it was time for Operation Makeup and to put my best, face...forward!

And guess what? I'm loving it! :) I love playing around with the colours in the mornings and seeing that ghost come to live with a brighter face. My only grouse was the el-cheapo eyelash curler I bought ages ago. It did a terrible job of curling my lashes. It couldn't really grab my lashes at a time so it'll curl half of them and when I tried to contour it to my eye, it'll clip my eyelid instead! *Ouch* I'd been lusting after Shu Uemera lash curler for some time after I tried it at their makeover and after a few days of "kinky" (?!) lashes, I got one.

It's a simply amazing curler! It's contoured very well so it curls my lashes smoothly without any pain, fuss or kinks! I was so impressed with it and my curly lashes *flutters eyes* It's easy to use and pretty affordable at RM55! Shu, how I love you! :)

Now I just need to find the perfect mascara. My Maybelline XXL keeps clumping on my lashes! Maybe I'm not applying it right? Any suggestions anyone?


L B said...

Haha, yeah, buy fake eyelashes!! Go BIBA!!!

Ms Fair Face said...

I am using this as well and I must say this is well designed for Asian eyes. Do get a good mascara base to hold the curls and protect your lashes before applying the mascara. It works for me! :)

may said...

I use one of those off-the-shelf lash curlers (not too cheap, but not too expensive) and I used to put on mascara every day for a couple of weeks. and then I got lazy... and now it's only blush and lipgloss. besides, I have a bad habit of rubbing my eyes too often, lol! always smudge wan!

Pink Elle said...

Thanks for the tip, LB! But I think I'll rely on my own eyelashes! :)

Yes, I agree that it is very suited for Asian eyes, Ms Fair Face. I wonder if European people find it as good as we do. Do you have any good mascara base to recommend and does it help prevent clumping? I'll love to try it out!

For the same reason as you, May, I can't use eye liner! There was once I used it and halfway through work, realised I was looking like a panda! :p Heh...luckily I didn't become a laughing stock!

prettybeautiful said...

I am using that XXL too, if u apply it evenly, it wont't look that clumpy, i think. I haven't found any affordable yet very good mascara. How much is this shu curler?

Pink Elle said...

Hi PrettyBeautiful! Welcome! It worked out to RM55. Apparently there was a 10% increase about 3 months ago :(