Thursday, May 31, 2007

Wanting to be Thin

I used to be a roly-poly when I was an awkward teenager and used to marvel at this wonderful technique called liposuction which all Hollywood celebrities were doing. It was amazing to see their Before and After pictures! From a fatso to a sexy slim siren, it was simply magical!

Now it seems that liposuction is something all so common. Everyone seems to be doing it, from young girls who are self-conscious to gorgeous actresses and singers. Liposuction clinics are coming up all over the place too. However, if you’re considering something like that, do bear in mind the risks and pain that’s involved. Always go to a reputable clinic or doctor which has been highly recommended such as Rodeo Drive. They are highly professional with well-trained doctors and their centre is bright and clean. They promise you celebrity treatment too which is good as you’ll know that you’re in good hands. They have clinics all over but their most popular one seems to be their Beverly Hills liposuction clinic which I’m sure they get lots of Hollywood clientele. If you’re looking for a shorter waiting time, then do consider their California liposuction clinic.

As popular as it is, I doubt I’ll have the guts to try it!

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