Tuesday, May 22, 2007

French Celebs

I’ve always been a big fan of celebrity news. When I was a student, my free time would see me in the magazine aisles of the bookshop with my nose stuck between the glossy pages of an entertainment magazine, catching up on the latest celeb gossip! Now, as a working woman, my long lunch on Fridays again sees me back at the bookshop browsing through magazines! I’ve been asked before why I enjoy reading about a life I’ll never know but I guess that’s precisely why we read those magazines – to get an insight into the glamorous, crazy and incredibly wealthy life we’ll never experience on our own!

Recently, I found a friend of similar interests in my expatriate French colleague! She was thrilled when I recommended her this celeb site all in French, ActuPeople.fr! She was so pleased to find a site actually catering to celebrity stalkers in French since most of the online sites are in English. I too was pleased because they sometimes have different types of gossip and pictures from the English magazines which she’ll interpret for me! Plus it gives me a fantastic opportunity to get to know European celebrities and learn some French along the way. So yes, we’re two very happy celebrity stalkers now!