Friday, May 25, 2007

PayPerPost Direct

Don’t you just love They keep coming up with fantastic offers for their users in their recent updated version. So far they’ve rolled out one of their biggest features – PayPerPost Direct! This is a new feature that beats all other competition out there!

Essentially, PayPerPost Direct allows bloggers to have advertisers directly approach you instead of having to rely on the opportunities displayed on PayPerPost! That’s always left up to luck and I’ve been disappointed many a time before when I couldn’t grab a great-looking offer! Plus, since the advertisers directly approach you, you can actually specify the minimum amount you wish to be paid for these Direct Opportunities! All it takes to kick this off is sticking a widget on your blog. Once an advertiser finds your blog, likes what you write in there and decides to approach you with a Direct Opportunity, they simply click on the badge attached to the widget to make you an offer! You can then negotiate with them the price and details until both reach a compromise!

Unlike other competitors out there, PayPerPost takes only a 10% service fee for this feature, out of which 5% is already Paypal and Credit Card fees. This way you earn a whole lot more for your hard work which is what all bloggers want! So do get started with PayPerPost Direct!

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