Saturday, May 12, 2007

Life in Plastic

"I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world...Life in plastic, it's fantastic!" Anyone remember this song by Aqua? It seems like the world is getting to be a strange place. Hollywood big names are owning up to having done plastic surgery, even men and in Korea, parents save for years to give their daughters a nose or an eye job for their 16th birthday! All that done just to give themselves or their children a better start in life!

Perhaps I’m biased but I always get the impression that California plastic surgery is the best in the world! Watch Baywatch and all you see are gorgeously, tanned, beautiful women and men running around in the skimpiest bikinis and swimming trunks! Everything they wear shows off their bodies sans stretch marks, fat or cellulite!

I bet they must all go to Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery where everything from tummy tucks to boob jobs and Botox are offered! It’s the only plastic surgery centre on the famed Rodeo Drive so it you’re there, you’ll probably see lots of famous faces hidden behind those huge and fashionable aviator sunglasses with their little Chihuahua in their bags to match.

I think that’s some place I’d really like to check out if I ever get the chance to see Beverly Hills. Not only will I be able to look a million dollars but I may even get a chance to see some famous faces!

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