Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Pet

There are pet people and there are non pet people. I think I fall in the latter category! Any attempt to keep pets are usually a disaster for the pet. I've gone through 4 fighting fish and 20 odd guppies which doesn't count the babies, or buppies as I called them, they had! Now my 2 goldfish which I won in a scoop contest are still bravely battling it out in their mouldy algae tank. Yes I'm a bad pet owner. Some people are just not meant to have pets!


May said...

hang on... didn't you move to pinkelle.com already?

I don't think I'll ever want goldfish as pets, I can't take them for walks... :(

Pink Elle said...

Yes I have, May..was just keeping this blog open for other stuff :p But see me at pinkelle.com. This blog's unofficially closed so don't update your RSS on this either! Thanks