Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Thumbs Down to Teppanyaki

Last week I met a friend at Teppanyaki, MidValley for dinner as we were both having a hankering for some teppanyaki. The trick about this place is that you must always try to secure a seat on the table right in front despite their efforts to push you into the back. Otherwise you'll come out smelling like a stale cooker hood.

First things first, it's quite rarely when I rant about food. Normally I'm quite a happy camper when it comes to eating things I'm craving for. However, this place really gets the thumbs down from me.
  1. The servers are mighty rude. They glare at you without a smile when you ask for a seat and always very rudely try to shove you at the back.
  2. That day we were there, they roughly plonked our plates of rice down in front of us as if we were some prisoners. Hello...we're paying customers! And when my friend asked for her favourite pickles, they just said we ran out, no apologies what so ever.
  3. We ordered the beef set. The man brought over the beef really messily, spilling it all around my plate and when we took a closer look, found that it was undercooked in most of the pieces. When we asked for them to cook it a little longer, he messily scooped it up again to the griddle, dropping some pieces on the way.
  4. Ditto for the vege. My plate was starting to resemble a dog's dinner and I hadn't even started eating!
  5. The beef ended up being terribly tough and we couldn't really finish our dinner.
  6. We had hot green tea which amazingly ended up into brown tea halfway through the refills, then turned back into green tea.
We paid approximately RM13 each for this terrible dinner. Will we be back? Definitely not! So I would definitely appreciate any recommendations for good teppanyaki! Thanks!


Paris said...

Bah I refuse to go there anymore. Its hot and smelly and the food sucks. Expensive for the portions they serve. 2 thumbs and 2 big toes down.

Precious Pea said...

I really pity the owner for having such staffs. Probably they are underpaid..haha..anyway..will forward your complains to my friend. His uncle owns the teppanyaki chain. Hopefully they will look into it.

L B said...

DEfinitely will NEVER go to Teppanyaki again.. (Trying to remember if I have ever been to before......?) Will STRIKE along with you! I really beh tahan Bad Restaurant Staff but I also worry what they spit into my food if I protest too much!

may said...

that rude, huh? I've stopped being a fan of teppanyaki not so much of the presentation and rudeness of the people, but... I really dislike the smell of my clothes and hair after soaking in all that food fumes! ewww...

Pink Elle said...

Yeah sucks to it, Paris!

I'm sure the feedback to the owner will be very helpful for him. But maybe he doesn't see a problem as the place seems to be always packed!

Yay! Thanks for striking with me! Hehe..but as I have the same spitting paranoia, I try to never send food back!

Hello May! speaking of teppanyaki, I've heard of one in Melbourne where they flick pieces of food into your open mouth! Just like a baby bird! Hehe..

Gallivanter said...

I've been a regular to that place for the last 6 years, and the last time I was there, 2 weeks ago, I have to admit, the service is slowly going down the drain...*SIGH*

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

am no fan of teppanyaki and even if I were, I wouldn't venture to this restaurant, especially after your review. What's with Malaysian restaurants and bad service? Sigh.

Pink Elle said...

It is going down the drain indeed, Gallivanter but I still see quite a crowd there especially during lunch and dinner!

Agreed, LL. Restaurants here have terrible service sometimes. So much for being in the service industry!