Thursday, May 10, 2007

Stone BBQ King

Borrowed from KampungBoyCityGal

One night I was feeling naughty and adventurous. So I skived my yoga session and invited bro and J along for a pig-out instead in Sri Kembangan, a totally alien place for us! We drove around a bit looking for somewhere to eat and got misled by Starlight Restaurant. Apparently it used to serve cheap and good Western and Asian meals previously but now it specialises in seafood. We were starving and the place was terribly crowded so decided to give it a try some other time.

Borrowed from KampungBoyCityGal

The bright lights and attap-type roof of Stone BBQ King by the main road caught our eye and since we were looking for something fast, decided to give it a try. It's actually a steamboat and hot plate all-you-can-eat restaurant for RM19.80 with a RM1 addition for what they term fruit juice.

Honestly, their spread was quite impressive for the price and I thought it was better than the one in Yuen Steamboat in Sunway. They even had sushi together with the usual fried noodles under their pre-cooked food. They had 2 raw food sections and a table of vegetables and noodles. Their meat selection was pretty good and ranged from all kinds of marinated meats including pork belly, chicken, beef and whole host of innards. They had flower crabs, prawns, several kinds of fish and the usual assortment of fish and meat balls (which are my favourite!). Downside is that their seafood freshness tends to be a bit suspect so avoid stuff like cockles, mussels or shellfish if you're not sure of their freshness.

You can have the option of clear soup, tomyam, herbal or chilli.

And it comes with a hot plate for you to cook your food on. It's quite nice having your own little BBQ and because it's open-air you don't come away smelling of the cooking food. They're very DIY and have baskets of bowls, plates, utensils and even ladles and tongs for you to help yourself to.

And once you're done with all that food, there's a whole dessert counter for you to choose from fruits, cakes, jellies and my favourite - preserved fruits (I like bad bad things!)

And of course your own DIY ice-kacang! The scary looking drinks are what they call fruit juices and they didn't taste of much at all but colouring! Luckily they have sugarcane and soya bean which tasted much better. They even have little teapots for you to fill up with hot water and chinese tea if you need something to wash away the oils from the food.

I think this place is pretty popular with students especially during weekends. We were next to a table of young boys who had at least 5-6 rounds each and were still going strong when we left! Ah, the metabolism of the young!


L B said...

omg, Im missing out on so much........ *shrieks and runs round in circles*

Pink Elle said...

*ties LB down* Breathe, breathe...couple more months till you're back :)

may said...

this korean hotplate BBQ thingy must be a trend, this is the 2nd one I've read about today! not the same restaurant though.

Pink Elle said...

I think it's probably a fad but this one can survive cos of the University students around that area. It's sometimes a bit risky though cos the food is kept in chilled areas which may not be very fresh.

KampungboyCitygal said...

i find the food sucky..theres another steam boat place around there called Hoi Tong..its much better than this place..:) maybe u can try it out..theres the grilling part and soupy part too

tankiasu said...

I had enuf of all these steamboat buffet. Usually too crowded and the food abit sub-standard.

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LeeZ said...

for some reasons, the pictures are all BLANKS for me... just a Q ... is this place HALAL or pork-free???