Monday, May 07, 2007

Press and Squeeze, Baby

Why else do people go to Thailand? To be pressed and squeezed in good and naughty places, that's why! Go to Phuket and you'll be besieged by massage parlours at every corner and girls brandishing massage menus at you.

Meeter, you want massaaage? Cheep cheep!
Meeter, we hap oil massage and Thai massaaaaage...

I know Phuket has a bit of a reputation but despite what you read on the Net, there are some pretty good and decent massage places to be found. They're everywhere so I usually try to do some research before I go on which is good or sometimes just give it a random shot. Massage there is pretty cheap compared to KL but a tad more expensive than Bangkok:
  • Thai Massage averages THB250-THB300 per hour
  • Oil Massage averages THB300 - THB350 per hour
  • Foot Reflexology is somewhere in between

One thing you can't help noticing when in Patong is the huge, lurid pink building that screams "Christin Massage". This is the "only" brothel in town although they proudly proclaim massage! Turn right and bad boys are in heaven! We made the mistake once and I was astounded to see a darkened room with a "fishbowl" of women at the end of the wall! They're all beautifully made-up with numbers attached to their clothes. Sit back, have a drink, pick your lady and you're off for a "massage"! Good boys, however, turn left to a nondescript door which has proper massages. They actually have quite good proper massages which come with a foot wash before your massage. The only thing I didn't like about them was that they were quite vocal about asking for tips.

When you can afford 2-3 massages a day, or as much as your body can take, you sometimes have to take your chance with the many massage places around. But sometimes you discover little gems like Pinnacle Massage! They're tucked away in a little soi (street) off Bangla road, nearer towards the Beach Road. They're very decent and have fantastic masseurs who did a really good job in working out those kinks in my muscles! And they didn't harrass you for tip either. My favourite massage place, I kept coming back to it!

If you prefer a spa, do check out Let's Relax on Rat-U-Thit road (the 2nd road parallel to the Beach Road). It's a beautiful little spa with a list of different treatments you can choose from. I went in to take a peep and it's very relaxing with the typical spa fragrance that hits you once you enter the dimly-lit reception. Their treatments looked really nice but with diving, cashflow and their popularity, I didn't manage to try any. Do make a booking if you'll like to check them out as they can be pretty popular especially during high season.

So let's relax, enjoy the massage and remember....bad boys = right door at Christin! ;)


Precious Pea said...

I remember in Bangkok, they do offer BODY TO BODY Massage...wonder what that means ;)

L B said...

Ok, I wanna be a Bad Boy! Turn right at Christin's, right? Hmmm...

Paris said...

Bad girls leh? ;) Oh and wherever in the world if someone offers you a Body massage, only accept if you are bad :P

Orbiter said...

For the bad girls...and for the gays...there's always the Agogo Boys' Bars!

Young, muscular, lean-bodied men in white (or whatever colour you prefer) briefs gyrating around poles on the stage!

You can run off into the night with the one you like if that is your desire...but they expect to get paid too!

Pink Elle said...

The Thais! They have a name for everything, Pea! In Phuket it was called Sexy Massage!

Yes LB, Right! Kanan! ( I remember you have the same problem as me in telling right from left!)

I'm a good girl, Paris so dunno what bad girls get! ;)

How come I didn't see the Agogo Boys, Orbiter?! Hor...BAD BOY!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

I'm in the mood for a massage. A "proper" massage, that is. Wish masssages were cheaper here in KL.

Tummythoz said...

Not a big fan of Thai massage. Can be quite scary for me. Body will tense up with the various twists & turns. 'lelak, lelak' (relax relax) the masseur's voice will be drumming into me thoughout the session. Rather stay immobile on the bed.

Pink Elle said...

Lemongrass, there's quite a cheap Thai massage in Midvallley, at the P1 floor below Jusco. I think they do RM60 for an hour and they're the decent sort! Otherwise there are quite a few massage places in Bangsar and Hartamas, both Thai and oil.

Haha, Tummy! I used to be like you too and would tense up whenever they attempted to swing me into weird positions! But now I absolutely love Thai massage. I find that it works out the kinks in my muscles much better plus it doesn't leave that oily residue on your body at the end of it!

Ms Fair Face said...

oh yes massage in Thailand is really cheap and my hubby loves it so much that he wanted me to learn those skills! grr... but I hate massaging somehow as I get bruises after a session.

Pink Elle said...

I saw a few books and DVDs in Thailand teaching how to massage but shhh...don't learn how to do it! ;) Maybe your masseur pressed too hard. Tell them to do it light the next time you try it. I used to suffer from the same until I told them I wanted it light.