Monday, May 07, 2007

Who's a Pretty Pooch?

I recently saw Biby, my “adopted” dog and was very happy to see that he’s looking a bit healthier with the food we’ve been saving and the bag of dog food I got him. While surfing last night, I chanced upon Greytinspirations, specializing in embroided and personalized stuff for pets and their owners and thought of Biby. But Biby’s a tough little mongrel, nothing like pretty Pea and Pumpkin!

Biby aside, this is a great site to recommend to all my pet-loving friends! A friend loves to dress her dogs up for any occasion. When I last saw her, her dachshunds were decked out in tight little tees and dresses! They really did look quite cute and she’ll be able to get matching hats for them, together with a pretty collar and blanket from here! Another friend is cat-mad and I’m sure she’ll find great delight in the delightful collars and warm fleecy blankets for her pretty Persians. My pet-mad friends can even get cute pet-inspired stuff like embroided clothing or interesting jewellery for themselves too!

What an excellent site for gift ideas! I’m so glad I stumbled upon it!

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