Thursday, May 03, 2007


Who can resist a cute name like Smorty? Well, you shouldn't resist it! It's another new nifty tool for bloggers to advertise on blogs. Hurrah!

How does Smorty work? It's a pretty little green site that's easy to sign up on. Just sign up, wait for your blog to be approved and start to blog for money! Their posts average $6 a post and usually require one outgoing link and 150 words only. They pay quite fast too which is another big plus point for me! I've seen 4 opportunities offered to bloggers so far but I am sure they'll start to add on more as they increase their blog advertising. For bloggers who can’t get opportunities from Payperpost anymore, sites that pay to advertise on blogs like Smorty are definitely a great thing!

So why wait to get paid for blogging? Sign up now and jump onto the Smorty bandwagon!

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