Thursday, May 03, 2007

Holiday Spree

My recent trip to Phuket was a wonderful break from work and daily chores. So it was oh-so-terribly tempting when a friend emailed me to tell me about wonderful deals on Rome hotels. Stop tempting me! You know how weak I am when tempted with one of the greatest interests in my life - holidays and travel! And I've never been to Italy! *sob* I could have gone to visit LB!

Well, dwindling bank account aside, it never hurts to look! And what I saw looked pretty promising even with the steep Euro exchange rate. Not only do they have hotels in Amsterdam, they have hotels in Barcelona and Rome too! And best of all, they're coming out with great deals for one of my favourite cities in Europe - London! part of me is dying to call the travel agent to find out how much flights to Europe cost at this time of the year!

But I'm going to be a good girl and quietly sit home to beef up the bank account a little before attempting flighty hare-brained schemes. I'll just be a "good" friend and forward this site on to another travel-mad friend! ;)


L B said...

Don't forget to bring Lormaikai when you come to Italy!

Pink Elle said...

Better still, will make it for you la ;)