Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Phuket Food - Fruits are Good

Especially in boiling hot Phuket weather!

You'll see little carts like these all over Phuket. They're a sight for sore eyes on a hot day! Filled with ice-cold sweet fruit, it's always what I head to every afternoon. It's interesting how healthily I eat when on holiday in Phuket. It's fruits galore all the time!

This picture is for Anne Ho! :) Another Thai pineapple lover!

This is my absolute favourite which I MUST EAT upon my arrival into Phuket or Thailand. It's a huge slice (sometimes half a fruit!) of cold and heavenly sweet pineapple. I don't understand why their pineapples are so much cheaper and sweeter than ours! I like mine with a sprinkling of spicy sugar which is just simply divine! I eat this at least twice or thrice a day everytime I'm in Thailand. Talk about O/D-ing on pineapple! The price ranges from THB10 to THB20, depending on the size of the pineapple pieces, weather and your bargaining skills! ;p Yes, ironically, we don't even try to bargain with our fruit sellers here!

This was a stall owner hard at work at cutting our guava. They keep whole fruit in their cart, except for the pineapple, and cut it only when ordered which retains all the vitamins. A whole huge guava like that costs only THB30 and ditto for the Thai sweet mangoes (though I managed to get it at THB20 one wet and stormy night!).

So whenever in Thailand or Phuket, look out for these mobile fruit vendors and pick and mix your own fruit salad. You'll love its sweetness and juiciness in the hot weather!


L B said...

I am having a deja vuong kinda moment! I swear I must have read this post before from you a while back!! OMG!! I am having a Hiro moment!! LOL... Or am I just dreaming it? Anyway, yes, I love that spicy sugar thing too! LOve it! Adore it! Makes me wanna go to the supermarket and raid the fruit department now!

Ms Fair Face said...

thirst-quenching and extremely affordable as well! I love thai and sarawak pineapples - sweet and juicy! Unfortunately I always ended up with bad runs whenever I get them from roadside stalls. gee

may said...

this made me miss malaysian fruits! no guava here. haven't seen mangoes lately. and would you believe that for rambutans, it's A$11 for a small kg bag?! siao! *I want mango... sigh*

Pink Elle said...

LB, maybe you're a psychic :O Can you predict what I'll write next?!

Oh dear, sensitive stomach, MFF? I had a lot of Singaporean friends who always suffered runs whenever they travelled outside Spore. Maybe your food is too clean :)

May, Oz has some of the best mangoes ever! I think it's towards the end of the year during their summer! Buy a box and pig out on my behalf please :D

domestic rat said...

love food from the roadside. it's the best way to get into the food culture but sometimes takes guts to stomach the food too. Miss Phuket. has it changed alot?

Pink Elle said...

Hi DR! I'm not sure when you were last in Phuket but it's still filled with cheap food and beer and the gwailo tourists with young Thai girls on their arms!

Myriem said...

hi.great presentation, Thanks for sharing your ideas.