Monday, May 21, 2007

Grey Suede Shoes

Okay, they weren't suede but it goes so well together, just like Elvis' Blue Suede Shoes!

I first caught side of these grey shoes when I was at the bank a couple of weeks ago. It's not everyday that you catch sight of light grey shoes on a guy, which goes with nothing he's wearing! And guess what, I saw them again today on the same guy in the same bank. Ugh...from what I can guess, he probably wears them everyday regardless of whatever colour shirt or pants he's wearing!

They were light grey and looked like faux leather. Actually, to me, it kind of resembled the material you can see on the seats of old Volkswagon or old cars. And just like that material it looked a little scuffed and peeled.

Can someone please tell him light grey's not the new black, despite what fashionistas might say?!

1 comment:

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