Friday, May 04, 2007

It's Getting Hot In Here

I never used to think much about sunglasses when I was younger as I was a 4-eyed nerd who wore thick glasses. All I knew was that it looked quite cool and all the stars seemed to use it. All that changed when I became adult! Yep...earning my own money and being a whole lot more vain, I took on Lasik on my eyes just for the sheer vanity of being able to wear sunglasses! And wear them, I do! Unlike my fashionista sis, I don't have Guccis or those gorgeous aviators. Instead, I rely on my trusty Polarized Sunglasses.

I was first recommended polarized sunglasses by a friend who swore by them and I absolutely love them! They're wonderful as they cut out lots of glare which I find absolutely essential especially when I'm driving or on the beach. The thing about Lasik is that your eyes become a lot more sensitive to light and I find my polarized sunnies do a fantastic job in shielding the glare and light from them. I've tried wearing unpolarized sunglasses but I find that they don't do as good a job in cutting out the glare and my eyes ended up hurting.

Now I can't leave home without them!

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