Thursday, May 03, 2007

Horsing Around

A friend works as an equine veterinarian in the Penang Turf Club. From what I hear, it’s not an easy job as she has to be on constant alert for changes in her charges, up to the point of getting woken up at midnight to attend to a sick horse! When I met her recently, she was complaining about how sluggish and poorly some of her favourite horses were. Luckily I’m a professional Internet surfer and found this great product called Immunall which is a fantastic herbal supplement produced in the United Kingdom. It helps your horse achieve its peak performance and health by purifying the horses’ system and boosting its immunity!

I researched further on this great product for her and found that Sheridan Creek Tack, a tack store promoting holistic and environmentally friendly treatments for horses, has used this product with fantastic results on all of their race and performance horses. I’ll be meeting her again this weekend and will definitely recommend these sites to her. Hopefully her horses are in peak performance soon again and go on to win many medals!

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