Saturday, May 05, 2007

Chips Ahoy!

Happiness is seeing someone again after 2 weeks...and receiving a huge box of crisps! :)

As Paris mentioned, we're all crisps lunatics! We don't like sweet stuff but give us a bag of smelly fish keropok (Fish only! No prawn!), pretzels, crisps or savoury cripsy stuff and we're happy little campers! Sis and bro studied in the UK so they're all huge fans of crisps while I studied in Oz so I'm a bigger fan of *cough* healthier things like Japanese rice crackers!

Needless to say, it was terribly exciting opening the box! It was like Christmas had come early! And the booty?
  • Walkers 14 pack
  • Walkers 26 pack (Woot! Have you ever seen a pack so big before?!)
  • Hula Hoops 7 pack
  • Seabrooks 6 pack
  • Monster Munch 6 pack (This came recommended)

Woohoo! Even mom who doesn't normally eat unhealthy stuff like crisps took home some to snack on! We've converted her into a crisp fan!

All I can say is that luckily whatever imported crisps we get here are too expensive and no one travels to UK often enough. Otherwise, we'll just be sitting tubs of lard :p


L B said...

I just bought two huge packets of crisps today too, from the supermarket, for weekend Uncle Joe movies!!

may said...

I crave for crisps so badly sometimes. even more than I crave chocolate or ice cream. in fact, I never do crave for the sweet stuff, though I like munching on them. but for crisps, my mouth actually waters just thinking of them! yummmm! great with dips... ;)

Paris said...

Woot! *stuff face with crisps* watch out michelin man, you have a contender!

Ms Fair Face said...

i've got a weakness for chips too! And oh, I prefer salty snacks than sweet ones. Give me those salty popcorns anytime!

Pink Elle said...

Hope you enjoyed your crisps with the Uncle Joe movies, LB! What flavour were they?

You get fantastic crisps in Oz, May! I used to stand in the crisp aisle, lost for choice and drooling! Red Rock Deli does some really interesting flavours.

Go slow on em, Paris!

With popcorn, I prefer the caramel ones, Ms Fair Face! But everything else would be salty over sweet, please!

Orbiter said...

What can I say?

Simply mention a colour, and my UK colleague can name you the crisp flavour associated to the colour!

Red - Ready salted
Blue - Salt & vinegar
Green - Cheese & onion
Yellow - Cheddar cheese
Brown - Barbeque
Pink - Prawn cocktail
Purple - Spicy chilli

She even pointed out that Walkers have got their blues and greens mixed up, with blue for cheese & onion and green for salt & vinegar.
She even wrote a letter to Walkers to complain that they were violating the international crisp colour code and confusing their customers!

Such are crisps fanatics! There are hardcore ones all around the you are not alone!

Did I mention that I once knelt under her office desk to plug my thumbdrive into her pc...and found myself amidst crisp crumbs scattered all over the carpeted floor under her desk?!!

Pink Elle said...

Wow! Talk about a hardcore crisp fan! Some people take their crisps very seriously! Thank goodness we're not that crisp-mad else we'll be rivals for the Michelin Man!