Saturday, May 05, 2007

Powerful CAD Tools

Sometimes it’s interesting how working life can change you. I started off work as a greenhorn graduate, fresh out of university and armed with straight accounting knowledge. Several years later, I find myself struggling to understand what the engineers and quantity surveyors are talking about as I start to learn bits of their skills too.

I was first introduced to CAD files when talking to a project man and was impressed at how powerful a tool it was. It could produce layout drawings for our projects in the blink of an eye, complete with positioning of the properties to obtain maximum usage of the land. The only drawback was that we couldn’t view it on our normal PCs without the requisite program. Things changed when a colleague got ABViewer, a nifty programme that allowed them to convert their CAD files in all kinds of formats such as PDF or JPG which allowed us to view them with ease. I heard from them that ABViewer provided lots of additional features which made their drafting and drawing much easier.

Hurrah for great programmes such as this! Now, let me put on my engineer’s hat to understand their drawings!

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