Monday, May 28, 2007

Smart Money

Recent articles about whether you’re living in debt or whether investments that you have made during your youth are sufficient during your golden years. These are times when I sometimes wish I was a government servant and being able to rely on a reliable pension after my career has ended. Currently I try to leave within my means which includes paying all my credit card bills on time and trying not to roll over any payments. Another thing I do is to try to save on credit card charges as banks nowadays offer free for life cards, as recommended in this great article by Nations Finance on credit card charges.

I know experts also advise that we put some money in our bank accounts. But try not to leave too much in there as you would find that the interest you earn there barely covers the inflation rate increase! Another article I read on Nations Finance also gave a comprehensive article on the advantages and disadvantages of internet banking which I found to be a great read. I do practise this as it allows me to do my banking at night which saves me time and petrol heading out to the bank.

So can you retire with enough money to spare? Take a look at your current financial health, consolidate your debts and always pay your credit card bills on time. Do also take time to read and learn more from great sites such as Nations Finance!


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credit card aid said...

I find investing quite to the point, but your note about the inflation increase has caused me to think over it again. The only thing I know for sure, do not make debt when at college yet!
Student credit card debt can make you a bad financial start and you will lag behind half of your life.