Thursday, May 17, 2007

Lemon Garden 2 Go

I haven't done a food post in a bit so here you go!

We were in Shangri-la Hotel recently for a function of which no refreshments were provided for from morning till about 4pm! Starving and crabby, we had no choice but to eat in the over-priced cafes in the hotel. Lemon Garden, as tempting as it was, was just too steep and for small eaters like us not quite worth it. The cafe next to it, Cinammon, was equally over-priced with RM22 for a cup of cappucino! That left us with no other option but Lemon Garden2Go, a funky bright cafe providing snacks, light meals and drinks.

They have trays of beautiful looking pastries and cakes and a whole chiller on another side of the room with pre-packed sandwiches and meals that can be heated up upon request. I think they have a hot sandwich counter as well where they will prepare sandwiches of your choice on delicious gourmet bread. We were served by this funny noisy guy. When he saw us contemplating the few sad-looking pre-packed meals in the chiller, he went into the kitchen and brought out the remaining last few boxes so we could have a wider choice and heated it up nicely for us.

We had beef rendang with white rice and aloo gobi (cauliflower and potatoes cooked in a non-spicy red sauce) for RM13++. Everyone thought the beef rendang was really good. Aromatic with no rancid oil smell, they were generous with their beef chunks and veges.

He also recommended their chicken charsiew which came with fried rice and stir-fried vegetables for RM13++ too. I was pleasantly surprised to find gingko nuts in the veges! I actually liked this dish though the rest didn't really. The fried rice was nice and there were lots of chicken slices that accompanied it.

We washed it down with their cappucino which was about half the price of the one at Cinammon.

And for a surprise, the friendly guy brought over a blueberry ginger muffin halfway through our food with a beaming, "Ini saya belanja!" (This is on me!) What a nice gesture! He must have seen us contemplating their display of interesting muffins! It's a big muffin generously filled with blueberries and topped with nicely caramelised ginger. Yummy!

The prices were actually quite reasonable for the portion sizes they offered and they do a fantastic array of pastries and gourmet bread. I saw quite a few people walking in to buy their morning baguette or danish pastry. I guess it does quite a brisk business catering to the morning and lunch crowd around that area and I think their pastries do go on 50% discount towards the end of the day! Discounts are good when on an austerity drive!


domestic rat said...

Strange they left the food lying in containers. Maybe better presentation if they serve in trays!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Very reasonably priced. I shall go there for the breads (which I hear is good) the next time I'm in Shangri-la.

Precious Pea said...

If i didn't read your write-up, I would have tot the containers of rice are bought from JUSCO supermarket. Look good though...yummy..always love beef rendang.

L B said...

You continue tempting me!

ParisB said...

Heh the muffin was lovely! Must remember to be nice to him again the next time I go :D

Pink Elle said...

Welcome, DR! :) Yeah they could have at least put it out on some proper plates!

LL, do give their breads a try and let me know!

They were good, Pea! Do try if you're ever in that area! :)

Sorry LB! No food posts for a while more then! ;P

Yop Paris! The muffin was indeed lovely...*drools which remembering the candied ginger*

may said...

yea, I agree that even Lemon Garden is a great place to go for buffets, they're quite pricey. Lemon Garden 2 Go? haven't heard of that... still within Shangri-La? looks pretty good!

Pink Elle said...

Hi Birthday Girl! :) Yeah Lemon Garden still ranks tops for its buffet spreads! Lemon Garden 2 Go is a little cafe within Shangri-La that does coffees, cakes and quickie go! Do pay a visit when you're back :)

Tummythoz said...

Didn't know of this place. Same side as Lemon Garden? Thx for d heads-up.

Omar Cruz said...
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cc said...

The presentation is strange, on some plastic containers?!

Pink Elle said...

On the opposite side of Lemon Garden, Tummy. The left side of the main entrance as you enter. Lemon Garden's on your right. Happy trying!

Yeah, it's a little strange, CC but the food made up for it :)