Sunday, May 06, 2007

Going Back to School

I’ve been seriously considering pursuing post-graduate studies. However, the high costs of education scare me quite a bit. I used to on a scholarship for my graduate studies so I didn’t know much about student loans. While researching, I started to learn about the benefits of student loan consolidation which will help me save thousands on my interest rates!

That sounded very tempting indeed! It basically bundles your federal loans into one package at a great low rate especially for students and is applicable for college and graduate students. Parents can even start planning for this from as early as high school to enable their children to attend the best colleges and universities with savings on interest payments. Imagine how much parents in my time could have saved on their children’s education if student loan consolidation had been available at that time!

Hmm…maybe I should seriously consider beginning my application process and going back to being a student again, even if it’s on student loans!

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