Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Nose Job, Anyone?

Michael Jackson seems to have gone into hiding again. He was the first person I read about who went for a Beverly Hills nose job. I remember how the world watched in wonder as he turned from black to white and his nose grew sharper and sharper till it looked like it was the risk of falling off!

Today, rhinoplasty is a lot more common. Girls are young as 14 are doing it, some even with savings their parents have put aside just so their daughters can have that little physical edge over everyone else in life. However, like any surgery, you should go to reputable clinics such as the California rhinoplasty clinic managed by Rodeo Drive. There you’ll be assured of careful and professional treatment. They also operate another Beverly Hills rhinoplasty clinic which sees lots of celebrities walking in and out of those doors. As for me, I’m quite happy with my flat nose!

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selva said...

I’m planning to get my nose straightened… I find this is good info for people who would try to know something about rhinoplasty