Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Buy Used Cars Here

Recently a lot of my friends in the accounting sector have been migrating to the UK to look for work there. One of them who recently left emailed me the other day, encouraging me to consider opportunities there. When I told her I was concerned about the cost of living and would miss driving my little car here, she laughed and told me that I could buy good quality Used Cars there for so much less since they don’t have astronomical sales taxes there.

In fact, she had just recently bought a nice zippy little Audi for a steal from BuyYourCar. She got it at less than £25,000 which is really cheap! She told me that with great sites such as BuyYourCar that target online advertising, you never have to buy expensive cars again. They have a huge range of beautiful used cars in various conditions from stately Jaguars to funky Beemers, brand new cars or if you’re there for a short term visit, cars for contract hire or leasing. They truly believe in reaching out to customers through online marketing and try to provide a high quality and useful site for their users which takes away the customer’s need to drive for miles just to view suitable cars. You can search according to the dream model you want or if you’re more constrained, search within your budget and according to my friend you’ll never be disappointed with what you find.

What she said was very tempting indeed and it’s definitely food for thought. Perhaps, through BuyYourCar, I can afford my dream Lexus in a much shorter time!


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