Monday, June 25, 2007

Counting Calories

I used to be terribly fastidious about my diet when I was in University and would watch every morsel I eat. I guess it was because the food, especially desserts, was terribly good and rich which made it so easy to over-indulge in! I was shocked once when I flipped through a magazine and saw a Calorie Calculator which listed all my favourite foods. They were so unhealthy! Since then, I've always tried to use a Calorie Calculator to help me estimate the calories I'm consuming. It's actually a healthy way to keep your diet in check as this press release shows:

Calorie calculators are an easy way help you determine how much food you can eat when you want to manage your weight. The calorie calculator at is one of the most accurate on the internet. The Magnetic Diet is an amazing new book by diet and meditation guru Nick Smith. In it he describes an original nutritional concept that he calls Food Magnetism. Smith says that food magnetism is the way and the means by which we can lose weight and achieve an incredible level of health and well being. The Magnetic Diet details techniques to overcome cravings through special breathing exercises and a unique approach to improving muscle tone that does not require a gym membership. Smith also shares a simple meditation practice that anyone can do and in his words "has the potential beyond anything else you could ever do, to bring an unimaginable and everlasting joy to your life." Smith has done what few authors would ever think to do, he has made the book available on-line completely free of charge. He says it is more important for people especially young people to have access to this knowledge than it is for him to make a profit. You can of course order the book from his website and read it in comfort on your couch as opposed to page by page sitting at the computer.


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