Thursday, June 28, 2007

Search and Buy

My aunt in New York has been hunting for a reliable dishwasher after her trusty dishwasher broke down. I guess I never understood the need for a dishwasher until I went to visit her once in winter and realized how painful it was washing dishes in the cold weather! When she asked for my help in sourcing for a dishwasher, I went online and found a great site that not gave great reviews on reliable and good Bosch Dishwashers but also provided local search results on where to get it from! This powerful site called Krillion uses its unique Krillion Localization Engine that searches the Web to find actionable local search results for the consumer. This is so much better than search engines that could merely provide information on the product without telling you where you could find them. With Krillion, my aunt was able to read up on the dishwasher, check the prices, grab her keys, hop into her car and drive to the nearest store to buy it! She absolutely loved the convenience of Krillion and was pleased to find that they’ll be rolling out a wider range of household products in addition to their current major appliances category. I’ll look forward to letting the dishwasher do the dishes instead the next time I see her!

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