Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Pretty Dolls to Colour

I recently had to baby-sit my friend’s nieces, two darling little girls of around 5 and 3. They were really active children, running up and down and all around! And I hadn’t even fed them any sugar yet! Luckily after doing lots of running and gymnastics outside in the lawn, they started to tire out a bit and innovative me had to think of some indoor games for them to play with before they start whining. Thank goodness she had the internet with fast broadband connection. Going online, I found a fantastic dolly site with Coloring Pages just for girls to enjoy! Perfect!

It’s a new addition to TheDollPalace.com, a cartoon dolls site with all kinds of great games and fun with dollies. Now, their Coloring Pages allow tech-savvy little girls to select pictures of their choice and fill them in with colors selected from the available palette. They had pictures of all kinds! From manga to warrior princess to sweet little angels! Anything to suit a little girl’s fancy! The older girl was rather tech-savvy so I could leave her coloring on the computer to her heart’s content.

The younger girl, however, was still too young for the computer so I was very happy to see that they also allowed you to upload your own pen and ink picture to color. So I managed to persuade her to do some ink drawings for her elder sister to color on the computer. Needless to say, they both enjoyed it tremendously although the site is meant for teen girls. But with lots of supervision and help, little girls will find just as much fun too!


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