Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Insure your Pet

Quite a number of my friends own pets and I’m always amazed to see how much it can cost to keep a pet. There’s all the feed that you’ll need to buy plus additional veterinarian fees when your poor pooch falls ill. A friend’s dog was diagnosed with cataract problems recently and she forked out the thousands that will cost for the operation, simply out of love for her dog. She would have saved that money if she had gotten pet insurance.

Like humans, pets too are experiencing a rise in health problems, perhaps due to their owners who spoil them with rich treats. Therefore, it only makes sense for the owners to buy pet insurance for their darlings. Veterinary costs are rising tremendously and it has been proven that two out of three pets will experience significant health problems during their lifetime. With pet insurance, it’ll take the financial worry out of your pet’s illness and you will be able to concentrate on doing what’s best for your sick pet.


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