Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Motorbikes Drive Me Nuts

Sometimes I wish this country would create motorbike lanes on every road for the terrible motorcyclists. It's torture driving with them around as they simply weave in and out of cars or choose to ride just in front of your car and if you're stuck in a lane with cars on either side of you, you can't even overtake them! The way some of them ride is as if they have a death wish as they cut suddenly right in front of speeding cars without a thought. Worse is when you're waiting at a red light, surrounded by motorcyclists which only means that you can't move although the light has turned green until they have. If there's any accident caused by them, you're likely to end up in the blame since considering the minimal protection they have, their likelihood of injuries are a lot higher than the car driver! Grr...if I were the Transport Minister, I'll probably ban them all!

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