Thursday, June 21, 2007

Celebrity Gossip

Are you a big celebrity fan? While I don’t really consider myself one, I do enjoy reading the antics they get up to in the monthly magazines. Now, however, I’ve found a better way to catch up on celebrity news - through a hot new site called Celebrity Gossip!

What’s great about it is that they aggregate all gossip on all famous celebrities so you get the latest news all in one place! Now I no longer have to stand in the bookstore sifting through the various celebrity mags just to catch up on the latest news. All I need to do is just click on the latest tab and voila! I get access to the latest goss that’s hitting Hollywood! They allow their members to vote on how accurate that piece of news is and to leave comments so no more wondering which news is real and which is fabricated! It’s a hot, pink and cute site that’ll be sure to keep you entertained as you catch up on who’s seeing who and who’s dumping who! So if you’re a celebrity fan or stalker, stalk Celebrity Gossip!


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