Thursday, June 14, 2007

Naughty Presents

I do miss my University days every so often. I spent three years in Australia during my undergraduate study and I remember how much fun we used to have as students, constantly surrounded by friends from everywhere in the world. I used to have a close bunch of friends, both Australian and international and I recall how for one of their birthdays, we all chipped in to buy him a pack of sexy Calvin Klein mens underwear from Dugg. We were terribly tempted to get him a pretty pair of pink CK briefs with pink stars on it but we decided to be kind to him after all!

We used to give hilarious gifts like that just to torture our male friends. For another friend, we were very close to buying him a sexy G-string but after much laughter, we finally decided on a staid, sober pair of boxers with a nice tight-fitting singlet to go with it! Needless to say, he loved it and wore it to bed almost every night! Ah, those were the carefree good ol’ days! Sometimes I do wish I could relive them!

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