Sunday, June 24, 2007

Package of Surprises

When my brother graduated from the UK, we all took a trip there to help him pack up his stuff to bring home again. As we were worried about the lack and cost of packaging material there, we actually carried our own flattened boxes and tape from home. We were hoping that this will save us the hassle of running around London looking for boxes rejected by big stores or having to buy bubble wrap, stretchwrap and tape. Recently, however, I found a great packaging site called The Packing Station which carries every kind of packaging material you’ll need either for your business or your personal needs, all at a reasonable price. You packaging needs are all answered here with their wide range of packaging material available from corrugated paper, all kinds of mailing envelopes, removal boxes to special arts and crafts paper and bags. So whether you’re trying to organise a party, prepare gift hampers, move house or need special mailing material for your business, do drop by The Packing Station to have all your needs answered!

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