Thursday, June 28, 2007

Idyllic Holiday

I met a friend for dinner last night and was amazed to see her beautifully tanned. Beaming, she told me that she had just returned from a funfilled holiday in Hawaii. I was really surprised as this friend is not prone to doing things on an impulse. She told me she did it because she was really fed up with work and when she got to know of fantastic accommodation packages under Hawaiian Beach Rentals she just decided to book her ticket on the next flight to Hawaii.

She showed me pictures of the beautiful Kihei homes she stayed at which was just steps away from the sunny beach. I was envious listening to how idyllic her days were, waking up to snorkel in the crystal clear waters and going for luxurious massages only to get up to feast on freshly cooked seafood and tropical fruit. It definitely sounds like a life I could lead or a holiday I could enjoy too! I told her to let me know when she’s planning her next holiday and I’ll tag along!

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