Friday, June 22, 2007

Moving Across Countries

When we moved houses recently, I realized what a stressful thing moving can be. I really admire my relatives when they moved countries down to New Zealand. If coordinating moving between housing areas can be so difficult already, what more international moving! Luckily for them, they had very reliable International Movers selected from Service Network who were highly professional and trustworthy. They even included packing as part of the deal and did a wonderful job in packing up my aunt’s fragile crystalware and delicate crockery. Since only licensed and insured movers are allowed into Service Network’s high quality network, my relatives had no worries about losing their possessions or receiving damaged possessions when it was transported. They even gave up to 65% pre-negotiated moving discounts which saved them a hefty amount. So, if you’re looking for International Movers, start with Service Network!

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