Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bulk Up!

Are you a gym bunny? I used to be pretty hardworking at the gym a few years ago. I guess there was just something about the adrenaline rush you get from working out that kept me going back there again and again! Not to mention the cute guys with the beautifully buffed bods! I tend to prefer looking at guys who are not overly bulked up. My gym buddy at that time, however, loved watching the body builder type of guys as they grunted their way through their weights sessions. She particularly liked one guy whom we noticed bulked up within a very short period. Curious, we asked him how he did it and his secret was body building supplements! So that was how he did it! I guess no amount of weight training and muscle building could achieve that bod in so short a time! Recently, I bumped into my gym buddy again and was surprised to see her buff and toned! It turns out that she too has been taking small doses of the supplements to help her bulk up and to get more results from her weight training sessions. I must say, she’s looking very fit now!

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