Monday, June 25, 2007

Store Your Wines Properly

My friend, J, travels a lot for his work and since wine is so cheap in Europe, he never fails to return with a bottle from each trip. He once told me that he was building his wine collection, especially since certain brands and flavours couldn’t be found here. However, since wine bottles have to be stored tilted downwards to keep their corks constantly moist to avoid evaporation of flavour and dry cork, he has some trouble storing his many bottles and have started running out of space in his fridge.

So when I saw a site specializing in Wine Racks, I couldn’t wait to forward it on to him. The Vine Store has wine racks in all shapes and sizes at reasonable prices for any number of bottles from your wine collection. I saw a beautiful one which can hold up to 23 bottles! Perfect for a serious wine collector! I was also really attracted by a cute little iron-wrought bottle bunch which holds the wine bottles in quirky little corkscrew type holders. J was a little worried about space constraints but there are hanging and vertical racks that provides answers to his limited space too! The site has nice glasses, coolers and lots of other funky accessories too for every wine-lover!

Their online site has great discounts if you buy online so if you’re a big wine fan, do check out The Vine Store! J’s very happy that he did!

*This is a sponsored Review*

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