Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Learn to Count Calories

I used to be a very fat teenager. I had lots of trouble buying clothes and used to get depressed over my weight. Luckily, I lost most of it when I was studying overseas, partly due to more exercise and also better awareness about food and calories. One of the best tools I had then was this great calorie counter. It was fast and very easy to use. All I had to do was the search or type in the type of food I was eating and it will pull out the nutritional information on that food. This way, I learnt how to avoid high-caloric foods such as desserts, chips and fried foods. I also learnt how to avoid high-carbohydrate foods which can easily lead to weight gain. Best of all, the counter was 100% free which was perfect for students such as me. I’m sad to say that I’ve slid a little with my healthy food choices when I returned home due to the abundance of good food available here. However, I’ve resolved to start using my calorie counter again!

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Suma Valluru said...


its very useful for all those who are over weight, not only for teenagers but also for allage people...all should get aware of this calorie counter...

suma valluru