Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dark Drifter

Are you a fast car aficionado? Do you enjoy the thrill of driving a powerful, imported sports car filled with the latest features? If you do, then Import Tuner is the site for you! Get the latest information and features on powerful tuner, project, drift, time attack cars ranging from Subaru, Toyota, Lexus to the powerful BMW! Read the reviews of how they drive, how the handle the sharp curves of the race track and what car will suit your budget best if you’re a serious fan!

I particularly liked their articles on the Import Cars as it gave me lots of in-depth information on these powerful cars I used to watch without knowing anything about them. They’re written by people who actually drive and maintain them so you can be sure that the reviews you get will be honest and highly informative. If you’re looking for help, wish to learn more or just wanting to meet like-minded people who share your car passion, do check out their interactive forum. They even have blogs on the inside scoop which give fantastic tips and tricks on your favourite cars and accessories! And if you’re looking at buying Import Cars to join the adrenaline-filled sport, use the guide on the site to find the best car for your budget.

However, the best deal on this site is their free T-shirt giveaway! Yes! You can win a unique T-shirt from them by submitting your contest entry and photos of your most outstanding ride and if you’re one of the top three lucky entries, your entry will be featured in an online article and you’ll win a funky tee! Place your entries from 9.00 am PST on 1 June 2007 to 17.00 pm on 22 June 2007. Online voting will start at 17.30pm on the same day and will run till 17.00 pm on 30 June 2007. So hurry and submit your contest entry now while you still can! Good luck!

*This is a sponsored review*

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