Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Help with Stairs

My grandmother passed away 2 years ago. Before she passed away, she was quite frail and ill from old age. My parents had to borrow a wheelchair for her to get around the house. Luckily, my house is a single storey one without any stairs so her mobility wasn’t really restricted. Another friend of mine has an elderly grandfather staying with them in their double storey house. Mobility used to be a real problem and the grandparent had a lot of trouble going up and down the stairs. Usually either a family member or the maid will have to help the grandfather up and down the stairs as it was dangerous for him to attempt it on his own. They used to worry about his safety and security when they were away at work or out. That was until his father installed stairlifts in their house. It’s a great invention that allows the elderly or handicapped to travel up and down stairs with ease. And it has definitely made life easier, both for my friend’s family and his grandfather.

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