Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Full Speed Ahead!

Recently our office server and bandwidth has been slowing down. It drives us all mad as we use lots of important applications such as Oracle and VOIP to keep in touch with our overseas contacts. It got so bad that at one stage, important information and emails were being delayed or not received at all. Luckily a colleague of mine is really tech-savvy and he did some research and recommended that we get a packetshaper application, Packeteer, installed. Packetshapers are used to monitor and analyze network traffic and highlight the applications that are in use on the network, when and by whom. The IT department can then track down sources of dropped-packets and delay. Packeteer also allows us to allocate bandwidth to our important applications and we can guarantee bandwidth for business applications like VOIP or Citrix and limit pest or recreational traffic. After we installed it, our computers have been running like clockwork on fast speeds again. Thank goodness!

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