Monday, June 18, 2007


I recently went over to a friend’s house and I was very impressed to see her beautiful white Mac on her table. I’ve always wanted to mess with a Mac but haven’t yet been able to afford my own Mac. I’m a big fan of computer games so naturally when she allowed me to play with her Mac, one of the first things I headed to was her games section and I was disappointed to see that she had hardly any games installed on her Mac!

I immediately logged on to the internet to surf for Mac games to show her what she had been missing out on and I found a fantastic site offering free and paid games and software specially for Mac! Mac Games and More has a fantastic range of mac games available for all ages and interests, from Sudoku and Solitaire for adults to fun kids games like Nathan’s Trains. All it takes is a simple click to download your favourite games! I downloaded a few to test them out and was very pleased with the quality of their games. The graphics were beautiful and the game challenging enough for all ages.

My friend was very happy with the games as she has always been a big Sudoku fanShe was also pleased to find some educational children mac games to teach her son in a fun and interactive way. So if you have a swanky Mac, do check out Mac Games and More!

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